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The J99 Disko Trooper – Contender Sailcloth

Disko Trooper News

The J99 “Disko Trooper – Contender Sailcloth” is a purpose-built offshore speedster designed for double-handing but can also accommodate a normal racing crew.

“Disko Trooper -Contender Sailcloth” will be crewed by Jules Hall (owner) and Jan Scholten with the original goal of performing in the 2021 Sydney to Hobart double-handed category. Both sailors are experienced in offshore yachting as well as successful in Laser dinghy sailing. Both Jan and Jules have achieved national podiums in the class as well as having competed in numerous Masters World Championships, Jan having won the event altogether.

Race experience has been hard to come by this year, with the Pittwater to Coffs Harbour Yacht Race being cancelled due to the NSW floods. However Jules and Jan have spent time on the boat getting as many training miles under their belt as possible.

Jules, Jan and “Disko Trooper – Contender Sailcloth” aim to make an impact on two-handed sailing. With no clear event schedules due to the Covid outbreak in Australia, the pair will continue to gain experience on the boat and be ready for the next round of events.

Blue Water Championships

Jules Hall (owner) and Jan Scholten aim to take on the Audi Centre Sydney Blue Water Pointscore, a series of offshore races finalising with the Sydney to Hobart. The races in this series include;

the Flinders Islet Race (Saturday 18 September), Tollgate Islands Race (Friday 15 October), Bird Island Race (Friday 12 November), Cabbage Tree Island Race (Friday 3 December) and the return of the Rolex Sydney Hobart Yacht Race on Sunday 26 December.

The J99 compared to a lot of the new TH (Two handed) yachts on the market has a fairly conservative, all-round,  hull  and  sail-plan. We hope that  in a  long off-shore  race such as the Rolex Sydney to Hobart  this design will perform well.

We have a deep keel with a bulb that should give us plenty stability but we have no water ballast and a single rudder. Standard alloy rig with big a-symmetric spinnakers. Some French J99 have water balast , twin rudders and Symmetric Spinnakers.  Our configuration is a t the lower IRC rating band around 1.017 and the French example is at the higher IRC rating band. 1.022

Learn more about the J99 class in the JBoats J99 Olympic Boat Submission.

The Sails

The J99 Mainsail is made using Contender Sailcloth ZZ Jet Black 15 and ZZ Jet Black 09.

Two Reef Proposed Hobart Mainsail

Total Surface Area: 31.40 sqm.

1st Reef: 30.1% reduction.

2nd Reef: 67.4% reduction.

Three Reef Proposed Hobart Mainsail

Total Surface Area: 31.40 sqm.

1st Reef: 23.65% reduction.

2nd Reef: 49.8% reduction.

3rd Reed: 75.4 reduction.

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Disko Trooper – Contender Sailcloth on Sydney Harbour with new ZZ JETBLACK Sails




Jules Hall – Owner

Ray and Sandra from J Boats Australia

Ian Short Sails design and specification of the sails suited for off-shore Two Handed racing.

Contender Sailcloth

Lancelin Pacific Marine Ropes  .

North Shore Marine Shipwrights

Anderson Marine electronics

Selden for Sailing DHW

Weathermax Marine Outdoor Fabrics

Nautical Marine Trimming