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16ft Skiff Contender

The 2020-21 season was our first season as team Contender Sailcloth. With Sydney Hobart commitment the aim for the season was to place well in the State Championships and the Belmont 16’s Club Championship but not compete in the Australian Championships.

The State Championships were run over two weekends in November in December at Newcastle and Lake Illawarra, respectively. Contender sailed a fairly consistent regatta in varying conditions to finish 5th overall in a fleet of 34 boats and finished on a high coming second to Bryden’s Lawyers in the final race to demonstrate excellent up range speed and boat handling skills –  Results

In the Belmont 16’s Club Championship consistency, particularly at the beginning and end of the season saw Contender achieve its goal of winning the Club Championship fairly convincingly. The team again showed solid performance in the heavier air races and hung in there on the lighter days notwithstanding snapping a bow pole in one race and finishing 4th in that race and being disqualified from another race for a rule infringement on the approach to the finish while in 4th place – Results

With the Sydney Hobart cancelled due to C-19 a late decision was made to compete in the Australian Championships held at Gosford over the long weekend. Contender struggled to find form in the very light regatta finishing well outside band of results the team has come to expect to achieve. We are hoping to make amends on this at the 2021-22 Australian Championships – Results

The Boat

The boat itself is an ASSA Gen 5 16ft Skiff built in 2017.

It is well equipped with a CST mast package (2 masts), and Truflo Sail Package using Contender Sailcloth for upwind and downwind sails.

The skiff has a full new sail package for 2021-2022 season including new designs to suit Belmont conditions and the combine crew weight as well as the new No.1 Mast.

Our aim has been to take weight out of the sails, particularly the mains. The basis of development has been our ZZ04 OD and ZZ06 Aramid Laminate styles for upwind, and our Dynakote 75 Spinnaker Cloth for downwind.

A new test sail has been made over the winter using our Endumax Grand-Prix 05.

The video with the Contender 16’ skiff has a new main manufactured using the Contender Endumax GP 05

The Endumax Racing Laminate has proven to be both versatile and long lasting on racecourses all over the world.

The fibres in Endumax laminates are laid in a varying angles so the sail forces are evenly distributed throughout the horizontal panels of the sail.

The result is superior shape holding and efficiency over a wide range of wind condition.

Product Info

The Crew

Skipper – Will Howard – 38 years old

Mainsheet – Richard Howard – 40 years old

Crew – Corey Hamilton – 24 years old “Young Gun”

The sailing program for their 2021-2022 season is focused around the Australian Championships to be hosted at Belmont 16’s in January 2022.

To prepare the team will compete in club racing, State Championships and Australian Championships prior.

The team trains 1-2 times per week (lockdown permitting) with other Belmont boats.